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Subway Princess Runner, also known as Motor Bus Runner or Jungle Dash, is an endless running game that appeals to hundreds of thousands of players.

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Name Subway Princess Runner
Package Name com.rioo.runnersubway
Category Games  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 7.6.2
Size 127MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated May 8, 2024

Subway Princess Runner Mod Apk Subway princess runner is like the Chinese version of Subway Surfers. It is a completely identical clone with almost everything related to the game, such as the player running for coins from a cop on railway tracks. The power-up, the skateboards, even the design of the game is very similar to Subway Surfers. Everything that you can find in Subway Surfers would be available in this game. Also if you don’t like the glittery environment in Subway surfer then you can always switch to Subway Princess Runner. Even the game levels in Subway Surfers are the same here.

Like the cute kid with an oversized hoodie running from policemen and gathering coins, we have a girl with a pink sweater, running to gather coins here. The complete appearance of the girl can be customised and you can change her wardrobe as and when you like and as and what you want to. It is just any other running game where the main character runs endlessly to gather coins and upgrade themselves. It is the classic version of the 3D endless runner games. Moreover, you would like to play the game because it is completely generic and you would love the designs in the game.

The game has very simple controls which are very similar to all the other 3D endless running games. You have to swipe up a character from the tracks to the trains, in between the trains, and over obstacles. If there is an obstacle that is too hard to jump then you have to swipe down so that you can slide beneath the obstacle. For changing tracks and to avoid obstacles completely without having to jump or slide, you need to press and toggle between right and left so that you can change from the right and left tracks. There are also many power-ups present inside the game.

Some features of Subway Princess Runner

If you do not consider the copy of this game then there are a number of features that you would get if you look at the game without knowing endless running games. And if you are ignorant of the world made up of 3D runners that run for as long as you can handle the game then this would be the perfect game to start your journey in the world of 3D running. There are a number of features that are present inside this game which are mentioned below in points. The points are as follows:-

  • Unlimited gameplay:- 

There are a number of games that suddenly end when you are playing the game. When you are playing with the maximum concentration and excitement, and suddenly you see the very familiar words which say that the game has ended. I can understand the pathetic feeling that you can get while the game is ending and it would be really sad for you to end a game that you like. But when it comes to games like Subway princess runner or any other 3D running games there is no limit as to how long you can play or how long you can go on inside the game because it is never going to stop and it is never going to end. This makes the game truly immortal and you can never get tired of playing the same game. 

  • Coins and gems:-

There is no game that is present in this world that does not have a winning or a losing point. This is because if it does not have a losing or a winning point then it won’t be called a game. All games contain a reward in some of the other forms and most of the time they are usually in coins or gems which was a traditional method of currency back in ancient times. This game also has this method of currency and there are gold coins and diamonds that you can get while running in the game, which can be collected to buy something from the store. 

  • The Store:-

If you do not have a customisable character in your game then your game would not be as popular as it should be. This is because of the fact that everyone wants to have a character which they can create themselves and it should be unique to them rather than what is given as default. This is the exact reason why games need stores inside them where people can buy coins or gems with real money if they are interested in the game, and other game-related accessories should be available in the store too. 

  • Ability to revive using diamonds and skateboards:-

This is one of those features that make you get hooked up in the game. This feature allows you to revive your dead character in the game by spending a certain amount of coins or anything in return that is very valuable in the game. In this game of Subway Princess Runner, you can revive yourself with the help of diamonds or keys just like Subway Surfers. This ability also allows you to own skateboards by double-tapping on the screen while playing. If you had an obstacle or died while you were skateboarding then you would be revived without the help of any diamond or key.

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How to download Subway Princess Runner

Follow the steps that I have provided below and you would be able to download this amazing game without any trouble. The steps are as follows:-

  • Click on the link which is provided below.
  • Make sure that you can download any type of file from your browser.
  • Select the directory that you want the file to be saved in.
  • Click on install, wait for a few seconds and then play


Although this game cannot provide anything original or unique to this game, the gameplay and the music that plays along inside the game is somehow worth the time and energy you would spend on downloading and playing the game.

Yes, it is not one of the best games on the Play Store, however, you won’t find it again in this 3D endless runner type, that has all the features of this type of game without any extras that would hamper your experience inside the game.

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