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Minecraft pocket edition is the mobile version of the popular game Minecraft.

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Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Package Name com.mojang.minecraftpe
Category Games  
MOD Features Paid Unlocked
Size 796.5MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated May 8, 2024

Today’s world is all about smartphones and mobile phones which you can carry anywhere in your pockets. Thus, shouldn’t there be a game for every computer game available out there to have an Android version? If your answer is yes then this article is the right thing for you. If you search for Minecraft pe APK or Minecraft APK download then you will find a variety of different apps which are similar to Minecraft and the game on the Play Store. However, the game on the play store is very expensive and you would need to spend about 650 rupees for $8. Even the Minecraft pocket version apk for the Minecraft new version apk would cost you the same.

Minecraft is an open-world game where you can design whatever you like and live in whatever type of house that you want. It is a completely pixelated game and you would not like the graphics however everything else about the game is extraordinary. This is the exact reason why it is so expensive and you need to pay a lot so that you can play the game. The version which is provided in this article is Minecraft free APK or if you search for Minecraft free APK download for Android then this is the exact APK for you. Previously we had also shared fortnite apk check it out if you’re interested.

MineCraft APK + MOD MineCraft Pocket Edition MOD + Normal Download

It is the full version of the app therefore the name of this APK would be Minecraft free APK download full version. It is exactly the completed version of the game that you are looking for and you want to spend even one penny for the game. This new Minecraft new update APK allows you to play all the updated versions of the game and you can even find the skilled method and the mining method completely free with this APK. This exciting game of building your own world is what is provided in the link below.  You don’t have to pay a single penny on this website because the game is free for you to download.

Minecraft Free APK Features

There are several features that are available in this game however this is not a mod version and therefore you would not have any mod features and this app is not one of the Minecraft mod APK multiplayer or Minecraft mod APK God mod that people search for. There are several features that you would find in Minecraft mod APK unlimited mine coins or Minecraft master mod APK, so let us see all the features of the game provided inside:-

  • Free Of Cost

I know I have discussed the same above, but a lot of people do not realize how important and how helpful this thing is. When you download Minecraft apk files from the Play Store or the App Store or even from the Windows Store, you need to pay about 8 to 10 dollars for the game. This is surprisingly expensive because you can find a free version from the link below. You don’t even have to pay in the registration process because it is linked with the file itself. This would allow you to save money to buy premium maps inside the game. 

  • Completely Safe:-

One of the major things that one needs to see while downloading games online for any type of game would be to understand the fact that there are many phishing and malware types of APK available online. Many games tap the players because this would help them show personalised ads that are sold to individual owners. The Minecraft version that I have given in the link below is safe as it would not hack your phone or record anything from your device. This is one of the best features of Minecraft in that it does not harm your device or privacy in any way. 

  • Build your kingdom without any worries:-

Since it is an open-world game you can make whatever you want to make without any trouble with materials or anything like that because they are readily available if you mine correctly. The Minecraft free APK version would not bind you to any type of map because it is a completely open world and you can travel anywhere you like. The most important question that might arise when playing online games is the fact that you should have a proper internet connection otherwise you would not be able to play the game. So, the best part about playing the version in which I have provided the link below, is that you would not require an internet connection for playing the single-player mode. Because the game has many features inside and it is an open-world game you would not have to worry about an unstable internet connection so that you can play the game. 

Other Pro Abilities:-

The best part about the game that I have provided the link below is that you have many pro abilities which you can use in the game. The best part about this is that you have a copy-paste version in which you can download or use any type of map that is possible for you. It doesn’t matter what you select, you can play the same without any difficulties. Plus, the inventory which gives the most trouble during the game has been modded and updated to maximum capabilities so that now you have the maximum inventory possible.

How To Download Minecraft APK & Install On Android

The best way to download Minecraft free APK is given below. It is as follows:-

  • Go to download settings in your browser and turn on downloads from websites.
  • Make sure that you click on OK when all the permissions are asked.
  • Click on the download link given and it will start downloading.
  • Sometimes, there is a pop up that would say that this type of APK would harm your device, and in that case, click on continue, as this app is completely malware-free.
  • Once the app is downloaded you can install the same and it is ready to play.

Make sure to enable the unknown sources like shown in the below pic!

Final Words

Without being biased, I would say that this is one of the best games that you can play which is based on open-world simulation. You would be surprised as to how addictive this game is and you would like the pixelated atmosphere that this game gives off. You can even earn in this app by selling your ID or making custom-designed maps.

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